200 YEARS OF HERITAGE REVIVED- Working with Heritage


Windmill Street at Millers Point

By: Blackmore Design Group

Adaptive reuse of No. 84 Heritage terrace


Two heritage terraces and an opportunity for a unique infill gave Blackmore Design Group the challenge of working in one of Australia’s most significant conservation areas with a team dedicated to heritage conservation, adaptive reuse and contemporary urban interpretation.

As part of the Department of Housing’s thrust to rationalize their housing stock at Millers point and make better use of their resources to provide low income housing, BDG were the lucky purchasers of these 3 properties. Situated on Windmill Street, the first street to be constructed in Millers Point, No 82 and No 84 are 1850s heritage listed terrace houses, and No 80 a vacant block set on the Pottinger Street Corner. Two of these were heritage listed and the third site a rare vacant block of land visibly open on three sides in a context both of high heritage significance and the potential for significant historical development. 

The redevelopment of the culturally significant terraces No 82 and No 84 made a positive heritage contribution to the area. With No 80, being the first terrace built within this area in 50 years!

With the kind collaboration of the Department of Housing, Heritage Council, City Council and our heritage advisors we embarked on a journey of healthy debate covering issues of historic development of the area, context and contemporary interpretation.

This sensitive and carefully crafted design is a contemporary interpretation of the heritage context of this area.

 This development was recently completed in June 2009.