ANZAC Memorial

By Government Architect's Office

Hyde Park, Sydney NSW

By: Government Architect's Office

External View From North - Rob Tuckwell Photography


Equitable access and the enduring promise ‘Lest We Forget’ were motivations for the Trustees of the 1934 Art Deco ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park to undertake recent restoration and adaptation works at this magnificent commemorative place.

With bountiful stairs but no lift or ramp, attending remembrance ceremonies in the Great Hall of Memories was restricted for many. However discreet insertion of a lift now enables equitable access between all 3 levels.

A new exhibition was established to inform visitors about the courage, sacrifices and impact of war and conflicts and the story of the Memorial itself. The original Assembly Hall has been restored as a much needed ceremonial space with audio visual display and travelling exhibition capabilities.

Original fabric and ambience of the old consulting rooms and clinics in the complex were preserved and restored providing a valuable area for committees and special panels and a potent reminder of the post WW1 need for these spaces.

An ongoing problem of water leaks in the building was finally resolved thus protecting significant fabric.

All new elements are expressed in a contemporary, recessive design to complement and not compete with Bruce Dellit’s stunning original architecture.

Today the Memorial is still a unique shrine of remembrance with its solemnity retained and strengthened by careful management of change.