Theoretical Community Gathering Place

By James Pedersen
public spaces

Soudan Lane, Newtown, Sydney

By: FROM architecture

Community Gathering Place


This design for a Community Gathering Place was a response to a Japanese design competition that was calling for ideas of how to create a Community Gathering Place that could adapt to the changing needs of an evolving community as an alternative to the traditional static and often prescriptive model of the Community Centre.

The idea for this scheme was generated from the way that life, in all forms, will take hold in most or any of places and form their own communities in those places. The communities gathering in a certain place are not limited to just human, or for that matter any group of people in particular - but all creatures, and the way a myriad of life forms will gather in symbiosis, parasitic, or both.

The site is in Newtown, Sydney; the Community Gathering Place crammed between the buildings, and growing similarly to the way weeds grow through cracks in the surrounding concrete pavement.