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Transition to Registration

“When I heard that I passed the exam I was very happy, very relieved. It was definitely something that was on my mind for many years. So passing it felt like a huge load had been lifted off me and it was also the transition to the next stage of my professional life.” GRAND CHENG


Building Connections: Transforming the Local

We experience architecture in our daily lives. Our homes, shared community spaces, parks and landscaped areas, significant cultural and community buildings and heritage architecture that have been restored or re-purposed are familiar parts of our experience.


What Does An Architect Do?

This resource, developed by the NSW Architects Registration Board, is aimed at future or aspiring architects and members of the public who are interested in knowing more about what an architect does.


Building the Future

'Reading' the built environment with depth of understanding, requires teaching students about the key concepts that underpin architectural literacy.


What is Architecture

This introductory powerpoint presentation goes hand in hand with the Building the Future Resource and What does an Architect do?


Building Connections

Building Connections is a multi layered resource aimed at supporting the teaching of architecture units as part of the Visual Arts Syllabus Stage 6.



The Spacewise teaching and learning kit is now live on the Teaching and Learning Exchange!! It is a comprehensive set of resources focused on learning about the design and use of public spaces.


Build/Ability - The Future of Construction Education

Melonie Bayl-Smith 2009 Recipient - Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship Graduate Category. The Future of Construction Education. This project will investigate international and local models for teaching construction and fabrication principles, ...