Building Connections: Transforming the Local

By Architecture Insights

Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, Photography Brett Boardman

We experience architecture in our daily lives. Our homes, shared community spaces, parks and landscaped areas, significant cultural and community buildings and heritage architecture that have been restored or re-purposed are familiar parts of our experience. Architecture impacts our experiences and use of local structures and spaces.

Transforming the Local is a multi-layered resource aimed at supporting the teaching of architecture units as part of Visual Arts courses in Stages 4 and 5. This resource can be used for Stage 5 Visual Design and Stage 5 Photography and Digital Media.

The resource includes 8 case studies of contemporary Australian architecture.The case studies examine 6 different architecture forms or typologies found in everyday life:

Domestic Architecture; Community Architecture; Heritage and Restoration; Pavilions, Shelters and Exhibition Spaces; Landscape architecture and Urban Design

This unit of work is part of a suite of innovative teaching materials initiated by the NSW Architects Registration Board as part of its role in promoting an understanding of architectural issues in the community.

Building Connections: Transforming the Local is a collaboration between the Board and the Visual Arts and Design Educators Association.