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Spacewise has now been published, and is now live on the Teaching and Learning Exchange (TaLe). The resource can be accessed directly by clicking here.

Users of TaLe can also find the resource by visiting the TaLe homepage by clicking here, and then selecting the Parents and community tab and searching for spacewise in the search engine. Using this process, Spacewise is the first resource to appear.

Teaching and learning kit

The Spacewise teaching and learning kit is comprehensive set of resources focused on learning about the design and use of public spaces. The materials are tailored to support teaching that meets the requirements of the NSW Years 7 - 8 Technology (Mandatory) syllabus.

The Spacewise teaching and learning kit contains:

 In this unit students study a local neighbourhood and consider how well it meets the needs of the community. They explore how the neighbourhood has changed over time. They consider issues associated with the conservation and preservation of any significant local historical and/or cultural features.

 In groups, students analyse a public space that is part of the local neighbourhood and use information from this analysis when designing and producing a proposal for a re-development that better meets the community’s needs.

The folio provides a small design team with a structure for working through their design project to produce a development proposal. It includes room to record design development and team decision-making. It provides questions for reflection at each stage of design development.

The work booklet is intended for use by individual students. It contains activities that link directly to the design folio and that help students to participate actively in their team. It contains a glossary of key terms and questions to aid reflection by individual students.

The support document on modelmaking recognises that models are an important part of the design process for any project. It provides information about the construction and use of models to help students to analyse a situation, to identify the needs of those who use a space and to communicate concepts. It provides guidance on materials, tools and techniques and includes links to other useful resources.

 The ‘Teacher resource: Drawing basics’ provides information for teachers who may require support to guide students during the early stages of skill development. It explains the purpose of some basic types of drawing and suggests materials, tools and techniques for use when producing architectural drawings.

A short index to of online resources to support the classroom introduction of basic architectural concepts and to support and approaches to architectural drawing.

Spacewise resources were piloted by Manly Selective Campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College and Strathfield South High School. Students at each school evaluated local public spaces and proposed developments to make a selected space better meet the needs of the local community.

Spacewise resources were developed by the Technology Unit of the NSW Department of Education and Training with funding and support by the NSW Architects Registration Board.