Transition to Registration

By Architecture Insights

Image by Christian Williams

Do you have an architecture degree? Did you know that only graduates who are registered can use the title architect?

This resource is designed to assist graduates, both recent and those who may have been working in architecture for some time, to make the transition to registration.

Why is registration important for the individual and the profession? What resources exist to help graduates gain the necessary experience and practice-based knowledge to sit the architectural practice examination? How can an individual graduate find his or her own pathway to make this transition? How do you know you are ready to become registered?Whether you are working in a large architecture firm or a small one, employed part-time or full-time, juggling the demands of work and family, or in your final year at university, preparing for registration is an important step in every graduate’s professional life.

Through individual stories from those who have successfully made the transition and professionals involved in supporting graduates during the process, this resource aims to inform aspiring graduates about the value and benefits of registration and offer insights into how you can attain the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully make the transition.“