A Call Out for your Events... Heritage Festival 2015

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Nov. 6, 2014 - April 1, 2015


Heritage Festival 2015

Registrations for the National Trust Heritage Festival 2015 are now open!

The National Trust Heritage Festival will take place from the 11 April- 26 May 2015.

Celebrating 35 years as the longest running community festival, it's because of organisations like yours that the festival keeps growing, attracting tourists from all over Australia and overseas.

Conflict and Compassion is the theme for the 2015 National Trust Heritage Festival; it has shaped who we are & helped a new multicultural nation evolve.

In 2015, Australia commemorates the centenary of the ANZAC's. For many Australians, the battle of Gallipoli is inextricably linked with our national identity. But how else does conflict and compassion shape our nation?

From our Indigenous history to the centenary of World War I, the 2015 National Trust Heritage Festival will explore the human side of war, rebellion, sacrifice and endurance, and the extraordinary stories of courage and compassion that come from the horror of conflict and strife.

It is free to register a heritage related event for the festival.

40,000 copies of the printed guide will be distributed throughout NSW, to libraries, councils, tourist information centres, event participants and to all of our members. The Heritage Festival also provides free publicity to encourage people to attend your events and to give you greater exposure.

The theme for this year's festival, Conflict and Compassion is not mandatory to use; we will publish any heritage related event (pending approval) which recognises and celebrates the heritage values which enrich our lives, including the places and events that contribute to our national identify and enable participation in the conservation and management of heritage values and places.

The National Trust Heritage Festival's intention is to promote & inspire heritage throughout NSW.

The Print Deadline for the printed guide is 12 December 2014.

The website deadline is the 1 April 2015.

If you want more information or have any questions please contact heritagefestival@nationaltrust.com.au

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The National Trust Heritage Festival is made possible through the support of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Australian Government.


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