AA INFLOATABLES Summer school - Open for Registration


Feb. 6, 2012 - Feb. 17, 2012

10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

702-730 Harris St, Broadway NSW 2007

Image by AA London.


6-17 February 2012
Registration closes in January.

In late 2010 and early 2011 Australia experienced the most devastating flooding in years. As a consequence of climate change and rising sea levels, all coastal cities are now at risk of evanescence – fading away. But Sydney, with over 100km of coastal edge and harbourside, will be a ground zero for these changes.

Using Sydney as our testbed, we will develop floatable prototypes and experiment with their potential use in different scenarios. Our focus will not be on land reclamation for urban expansion – as it is in other cities around the world – but rather on land retention and the expansion of new grounds. We will investigate how to manage the tenuous conditions between the manmade and the natural.

The ten-day studio-based design workshop will explore the potential of articulated envelopes and grounds through the use of computational design approaches and the construction of 1:1 inhabitable and floatable spaces. The workshop will be taught by tutors from the AA School and the University of Technology Sydney and will also include input from specialist participants.

In phase one of the workshop, two strands will run in parallel. The first of these is a tooling up session introducing parametric approaches and relational methods, while the second strand is a hands-on material exploration of inflatable structures, floatable surfaces, driftable scapes and lands that surf.  Phase two will see the participants developing a scaled prototype along with a comprehensive future vision of their prototypical landscape deployed in the context of Sydney. This structure will allow the agenda to be approached from varied critical points of view.

Alongside studio-based design tutorials and seminars, a series of lectures and supportive presentations will also take place. During the workshop, we will tour some of the 50 coastal and 12 harbourside beaches that Sydney has to offer to investigate local conditions and test the prototypes in situ.

The intensive ten-day course is open to current architecture and design students, young architects and other designers worldwide. Software Requirements: Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino 3D.

For further information, or to register for the AA Visiting School 2012, please click here.


Jeffrey Turko