Advertisements for Architecture 2010: Call For Entries

competitions and awards

Sept. 20, 2010

5 p.m.

Surry Hills Library and Community Centre


Call for Entries:

On an international stage the global financial crisis and the current economic instability in Europe is shaping the built environment for future generations.   While here in Australia, housing affordability, environmental sustainability and the development of regional and urban areas to house an increasing population are key issues currently facing everyday Australians.
Architecture plays a pivotal role in providing solutions to these concerns.  To promote this role to the wider community OpenHAUS and DARCH invites design professionals and design students to create an ‘Advertisement for Architecture’.  The most outstanding of these entries will be exhibited at the Surry Hills Library and Community Centre, Sydney, Australia for the Sydney Architecture Festival 2010.

Entrants are invited to submit an A0 advertisement addressing:

•    Where we would be without architecture.
•    The status of architects as cultural iconographers, determinants of the built environment, image-makers and visionaries.
•    The changing role of the architectural profession over the 20th century and into the current millennium.
•    The creation of desire for architecture.
•    The promotion of a greater awareness of the role of the architectural profession both culturally and socially.

The exhibition provides a chance to promote the architectural profession and engage with the public.  It is an opportunity for established firms, emerging practices and architectural graduates and students to promote architecture to the public and in doing so create more opportunities for the profession to contribute to the built environment.

The advertisements are not intended to promote individual architectural firms but architecture as a ‘big idea’.  They are an opportunity to reflect on how the profession has evolved and to generate creative and innovative ways of communicating the strengths of the profession to a wider audience.


Professional Registration: $50, Student Registration: $25