By ai

Sept. 6, 2014 - Sept. 27, 2014

2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

The Forest Lodge Hotel 117 Arundel Street


Installations by fourteen artists and architects exhibited throughout an inner city terrace, explore issues and interpretations of climate change...

The artists and architects are: Aaron Anderson, Lisa Andrew, Sarah Breen Lovett, Kuba Dorabialski, Kath Fries, Yvette Hamilton, Anna Horne, Rachael McCallum, Sarah Nolan, Office Feuerman, Katy B Plummer, Madeleine Preston, Marlene Sarroff and Lotte Schwerdtfeger.

Opening Saturday September 6, 4-7pm

The opening is a registered ticketed event, for six half hour timeslots scheduled for groups of 18 people to visit at a time.

The Forest Lodge Hotel 117 Arundel Street will be the meeting and starting point for the groups, and the venue to continue celebrating this unique event after 7pm. There will be BUNKERED volunteers who will give you a designated time frame to visit the exhibition.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Thursday-Saturday 2-5pm
All other opening times will not require a ticket.

BUNKERED is presented by BRANCH3D as part of Sydney Fringe 2014


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