SAF14 - Covert Connections - Laneways, Goat Tracks and Rat Runs

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Nov. 3, 2014

5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Sydney, NSW

Covert Connections

Sydney's lanes aren't what they used to be ...

While you can bank on surprise in the laneways of Melbourne, London or Hong Kong, research shows visitors to Sydney stick to the main roads for fear of getting lost.

Sydney's lanes are clogged - preventing them from flowing with the stuff of commerce, community and culture; people.

This has to change.  And it will.

Light Rail is coming to George Streeet - tipping the balance in favour of pedestrians.  So what does this mean for our lanes?   Can these small capillaries of the city flow again with people?  Can they incubate smaller enterprises that struggle to find an affordable corner of the City?

Join us as we reveal a rat run reserved for hipsters and dilettantes.  Find the foyers and hidden doors that connect up the City.  Stand in Temperance Lane as City of Sydney's Dr Ianto Ware reveals the link between today's building codes and gin.

Help Simeon King mine the city's fine grain and try to hack a new responsive LED installation from the guys at CoDe, UNSW.

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