EOI - FESTA 2014 'The Future Will Be Live'

By ai

Feb. 21, 2014 - Feb. 28, 2014


Studio Christchurch's LUXCITY at the inaugural FESTA 2012. Photo: Mark Gore

Submit your proposal for FESTA 2014

On the third anniversary of the 2011 earthquake the future of Christchurch is still being hotly contested. In this shifting environment, planning for FESTA 2014 is underway and we are seeking expressions of interest to participate in this year's festival in response to the idea that ‘The Future Will be Live’. This is our first call for proposals, a second call will go out later in the year.

The transitional urbanism movement in Christchurch is built on the premise that alternative futures for this city and all cities can be explored in three-dimensional space by those who choose to implement their ideas in the present. FESTA 2014 proclaims that we don't need to wait for the future, futures can be present now and will be live.

"The only way you can predict the future is to build it." Alan Kay (1940-), computer scientist
FESTA invites urban practitioners, theorists, artists, performers, designers, citizens, students and grandmothers to make brief proposals for their diverse and possibly contradictory futures to be presented live in Christchurch, New Zealand from 24-27 October 2014 as part of the city's annual Festival of Transitional Architecture.  

Deadline: 28 February

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