Idea Bombing Sydney: The Gallery Edition

By ai

July 5, 2014 - Aug. 23, 2014

11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

St Margarets, 417 Bourke St., Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

Idea Bombing Sydney: The Gallery Edition

Ever had an idea to make Sydney more creative, interesting and dynamic?

Idea Bombing Sydney: The Gallery Edition is an idea exchange focused on workshopping concepts and creating a physical reality for our ideas. It’s a unique pop-up designed for long lasting impact delivered by Idea Bombing Sydney in partnership with us.

Idea Bombing Sydney: The Gallery Edition will deliver, engage and test some of the most creative and innovative design concepts in Sydney right now. You can visit the Gallery to witness the pop up installations of past ideas from 11am-5pm Wednesdays-Saturdays. Plus there are plenty of events to get involved in where you can share your own ideas.

What is Idea Bombing?
Idea Bombing gives us the opportunity to stop, listen and think. Part meetup, part popup bar, talk series and community brainstorm, it’s a new way to engage, uncover creative ideas and promote ways of turning those ideas into reality.

Since May 2013 the people behind Idea Bombing Sydney have been kicking up an idea storm, encouraging the people of Sydney to envisage what the future holds for our beautiful city. Idea Bombing Sydney focuses on tapping into the creativity in everyone and anything in a fun, social way. At the events a series of short talks are given by guest speakers and then the crowd are invited to share or ‘bomb’ their own ideas for what would make Sydney better, with great tunes and drinks on hand.

Idea Bombing Sydney crew love collecting, analysing and sharing all idea bombs that are generated at their events. By doing so, they aim to complete a circle, connecting people, connecting ideas and connecting people with ideas. They are passionate about providing meaningful feedback to the community, the host (in this case us, Object: Australian Design Centre) and on Government policies. Ultimately, they aim to seed our city with ideas in the hope they grow to create new spaces and places in the city. Drop into the Gallery on Fridays throughout the program to meet and chat with the Idea Bombing Sydney crew who will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

6-9pm Wednesday 23 July Part 1: From Idea Bombs To Reality
Weeks 1-3 will culminate in an Idea Bombing event, which will asks the question ‘what happens in cultural spaces of the future?’
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6-9pm Friday 22 August Part 2: Idea Bombing Design and the City
Weeks 4 - 6 will transform the space again into a dynamic venue full of new installations and will end with this second event looking at ‘how can design improve our everyday lives?’.
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