By UNSW Faculty of Built Environment
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Nov. 15, 2012 - Nov. 22, 2012

10 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Pier 2/3 13 Hickson Road Walsh Bay Sydney


UNSW Built Environment presents LuminoCITY, a forum to imagine, test and debate ideas about the future of the 21st century city.

LuminoCITY is a week of events and exhibitions from November 15 to 22 at Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay, detailing the visionary work of our students, staff and affiliates who will shape the cities of tomorrow.  Representing the largest multi-disciplinary design exhibition of its kind in Australia, over 500 students from 12 programs will present their final year projects, showcasing their capacity to respond creatively and responsibly to the challenges of contemporary practice.

LuminoCITY will also present leading research in urban environments, low carbon living and the future of architecture and design. Built Environment academics, alumni, government and industry representatives will share ideas in a series of free public events - including seminars, workshops, lectures, school activities and alumni celebrations - framed by the challenging propositions in the work of our students.

Visit LuminoCITY and be a part of the exchange of ideas about urban living and the future we will inhabit. Engage in public debates about issues that affect our daily lives and the decisions being made today that create our cities of the future.

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Cassandra James