Mind Painting

By The University of Sydney

Nov. 14, 2014 - Nov. 28, 2014

noon - 3 p.m.

Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale

Design Lab

The Mind Painting exhibition allows visitors to interactively use their minds to create public art. This exhibition encourages visitors to meditate inside a pyramid, using their unique brainwaves to create digital paintings and transform Central Park's 15 metre Digital Wall.

Sydney University Interaction Design and Electronic Art students were directed by Dr Caitilin de Berigny in her studio to create mind computing artworks, as part of Central Park's 7mm Pitch Digital Art Project curated by Ramus.

Mind Paintings is a collaboration by Sydney University students, Bruce Ramus, de Berigny, Adobe's Renee Lance with James Cook and Jai Honey-brook Carter.

Launch Event: 
Friday 14th November, 6pm




Grace Hall
02 9351 1450