EOI: New Student Accommodation, University of Sydney

By University of Sydney
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Sept. 7, 2012 - Sept. 19, 2012

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

City Road, Camperdown

Student Accommodation

The University of Sydney is planning to ‘provide more affordable and appropriate student accommodation on and near the University’s campuses consistent with the 'Work Slate' project on student accommodation as per Strategy Four of the 2011-2015 White Paper. The Work Slate Project is looking to levels of available student accommodation to as many as 6000 beds.  The specific target of the Student Accommodation Strategy submitted to SEG Finance and Infrastructure Committee is to provide 3,500 beds by 2015 and an additional 1,000 beds by 2016/18.

To achieve these outcomes the University is planning to develop new residential projects and provide support to existing colleges to expand their bed numbers. Three accommodation projects, International House Site, Sydney Regiment Site and Abercrombie Accommodation Site are immediately proposed as part of this program.

The University is seeking experienced and qualified architectural design firms and individuals who can work with the University on a number of residential projects to refine the user briefs and design deliverables into world best practice results and then tender the construction and delivery of these works to selected panels of builders. This EOI is to identify those firms that the University wishes to invite to submit proposals for each of their residential projects.

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Jim Farrell
9114 2369