NSS3: Daylight Design - Beyond the curtain wall

By Australian Institute of Architects
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May 7, 2013

6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

AECOM - Level 9, 8 Exhibition St, Melbourne 3000

Image courtesy of istockphoto.com

Area limits on external façade glazing and skylights in Section J of the BCA are making it increasingly difficult for architects to bring natural light into their buildings. With these limitations on glazed area, designers need to better understand daylighting principles in order to tap into the multiple benefits of natural light.

Learning Outcomes:
Attendees will learn how they can develop Section J compliant building designs informed by principles of effective daylighting. More specifically attendees will be able to:
• explain to their clients the documented benefits of natural daylight in spaces;
• apply the physics of visible light and design principles for glare-free and heat-free natural light ingress;
• Recall project case studies of notable daylit buildings and advanced daylighting technologies.

Presenter biography:
Michael Shaw is ESD Manager in the Melbourne-based building services consultancy Connor Pincus Group. Educated in both engineering and architecture, he has significant experience in the application of environmental rating systems. His analysis of the draft BCA2010 Section J glazing requirements informed the Australian Institute of Architects’ response to the public consultation process.

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