Prof. Hyungmin Pai: The Status of Things

By ai

Nov. 12, 2014

6:30 p.m.

Level 5, Building 6, 702 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney

Professor Hyungmin Pai lecture flyer

As part of the final UTS Masters of Architecture review week for 2014 in the School of Architecture, Professor Hyungmin Pai of the University of Seoul will give a public lecture. In The Status of Things, he will discuss a series of major curatorial projects he is involved in in Korea in 2014, in addition to reflecting on architecture’s disciplinary specific material practice, the consequences of this for curation, the M.Arch design studio, and for studio teaching in the context of the UTS School of Architecture’s 2014 whole school project, The Campus.

The Status of Things: Three Korean Cases for 2014

In 2014, Hyungmin Pai was involved in 3 major curatorial projects - The Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, the initiation of a new architectural collection at the Asia Culture Complex (ACC), and the Mass Studies exhibition at the Samsung Museum of Art. All three projects have evolved out of a particular Korean situation but sustains wider implications on the methodology and philosophy of the curatorial process. The topic of the architecture of North and South Korea at Korean Pavilion (titled "Crow's Eye View: The Korean Peninsula”), the immense ambition of ACC, the largest multi-cultural complex in the world to open in September 2015, and a retrospective of the first truly international Korean architect, all require textual and spatial strategies that open new disciplinary possibilities based on both the specificity of the objects and a new kind of approach to materialities. The lecture focuses on the relative and dynamic status of words and things, texts and spaces in the creation of particular exhibition environments.

This lecture forms part of a series of events that Prof. Pai is engaged in while he is at UTS for 3 days in November, including a a CLOSED M.Arch Faculty and sessional staff super-crit of the years work on Friday 14th November 3-5pm.

Professor Hyungmin Pai, University of Seoul

Collaborating Director for Architecture at the Asian Cultural Complex (ACC) Gwangju (opening Sept 2015), Chair of the Mockchon Architecture Archive, and guest curator for the Samsung Museum of Art

Professor Hyungmin Pai studied architecture and urban design at Seoul National University and received his Ph.D from the Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism program at MIT. Pai is a two-time Fulbright Scholar whose publications include The Portfolio and the Diagram: Architecture, Discourse, and Modernity (MIT Press, 2002), Sensuous Plan: The Architecture of Seung H-Sang (Dongnyok, 2007) andThe Key Concepts of Korean Architecture (Dongnyok, 2013). 

For the Venice Biennale, he was awarded the Golden Lion as co-curator of the Korean Pavilion in 2014, and was a participant in the "Common Pavilion" project (2012) and curator for the 2008 Korean Pavilion.

He was Head Curator for Gwangju Design Biennale 4 (2011) and guest curator for the Aedes Gallery, Berlin and the Tophane Amire Gallery, Istanbul. 


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