Rural Habitat

By ai

Nov. 1, 2013 - Jan. 26, 2014

8 a.m. - noon

Customs House, 31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay, Sydney, NSW 2000

Rural Habitat

’Rural Habitat’ is the collaborative effort and combined visions of Mobile Workshop Architects (MWA) and NGO Vasco de Quiroga PSXXI (VSQPSXXI).

Mobile Workshop Architects have undertaken research to develop dignified, low budget housing for a number of years. After seeing current government designs for low budget housing, MWA decided to creatively re-imagine rural dwelling design on similarly tight budgets.

In 2012, VSQPSXXI won the Mexican initiative award, ‘Iniciativa Mexico’, for their technological development plan that assists rural Mexican communities in offsetting their carbon footprint. A key component of this plan included the introduction of a new biomass stove, which reduces the amount of wood required and discharges fumes away from its users. 
VSQPSXXI joined forced with MWA after looking for architects who could design dwellings that included this new stove and further implement Vasco de Quiroga’s vision to create ‘hospital-towns’.

‘Rural Habitat’ started as an initiative to improve living conditions for people in remote Mexican communities. The project was designed to dignify and raise quality of life for rural Mexicans by providing affordable, low cost housing and sanitation. The design concept was literally to give people a roof “over their heads” whilst minimising architectural elements. Consequently the roof curves to become the walls of the house.

‘Rural Habitat’ is more than house design, it is a social development initiative that integrates and enhances community wealth, health and technological progress, enabling people to live in harmony with their environment, while respecting cultural and traditional ways of life.

This exhibition at Customs House, aims to heighten awareness of some of the challenges facing rural and remote Mexican communities and share our architectural and social design solutions. The ‘Rural Habitat’ project celebrates cultural inheritance and respects the way of life of rural Mexicans. It seeks to improve their lives through constructive and culturally sensitive means, by encouraging rather than imposing ideas. This project uses simple construction and logistic systems; pursuing highly creative and innovative methods to observe extremely low budgets.

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