SAF 2010 - Ch4 Competition

By Sydney Architecture Festival

Oct. 20, 2010 - Oct. 31, 2010

Customs House, Forecourt, Circular Quay, SYdney

Image courtesy of University of New South Wales

The first of its kind in Sydney, this contemporary exhibit is a showcase of student architecture giving them an opportunity to design and construct a temporary pavilion in the forecourt of Customs House for the 2010 Sydney Architecture Festival.

The focus for the competition has been an exploration of recycled materials and their transformation into exciting new event spaces.  Students worked together in teams to produce evocative proposals such as towers of compressed aluminium cans, giant folding fabric pleats and a grid of large moving puzzle blocks.

These were presented to a jury comprising some of Sydney’s leading architectural design professionals  who selected a single team from each participating university. Selections were based upon creativity, construction details and the capacity for the project to be built within the given timeframe. 

Each selected team has gone on to document their project. This has been an intensive process that has included a design review, engineering certification and finding sponsorship. This invaluable experience for the students involved materials testing, prototype production and cost analysis. Pavilions are currently under construction.


This exhibition is an initiative of the Government Architect's Office and the Sydney Architecture Festival in collaboration with Customs House





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