SAF13 at Parramatta

By ai

Nov. 2, 2013

9:55 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Various venues around Parramatta

Image supplied by Kim Ihnatko

Parramatta comes alive on Saturday 2 November to celebrate the Sydney Architecture Festival and Parramatta’s Foundations Festival.

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Join us for an exciting day of talks, architecture tours, exhibitions and more including ICE's Pearls of Granville; an open day at George Street Gatehouse run by Parramatta Park Trust; "Above, Below and Around Elizabeth Farm", run by Sydney Living Musuems; the Australian Institute of Architects' (NSW Chapter), Ask an Architect, SAF Kids Activities and more...

Pearls of Granville explores Granville's architectural wonders, aesthetic and cultural transitions and related community histories - high and low points (and occasional infamy). Click here for bookings.

This tour will also run on 3rd, 9th & 10th November.

Sydney Living Museums will open the doors of Eliazbeth Farm for Above, Below and Around Elizabeth Farm on 2nd November from 10.00am - 3.00pm.

Ask an Architect offers a wonderful opportunity for a 20 minute consultation by an architect on your special home renovations. No obligations/no charge. Click here for bookings.

Folly re-imagined George Street Gatehouse Open, Parramatta Park - Parramatta Park Trust is holding an open day at the George St Gatehouse offering a "sticky beak" into this intriguing building and the opportunity to talk to the team of experts that are reinventing this building for the future. George Street Gatehouse will be open from 2.00pm-3.30pm. Meet at the Gatehouse at O'Connell Street (intersection with George Street), Parramatta Park.

Architecture Walking Tour - a 45 architect led tour around Parramatta's architecture. Click here for bookings.

Older is Greener - valuing heritage homes: To celebrate Foundations Festival the Sydney Architecture Festival, the NSW Architects Registration Board and Sydney Living Museums present this panel of experts to reveal the value of preserving our heritage homes. Click here for bookings.

Kids Activites will run through out the day at Riverside Theatre Courtyard - sign up for the Kids Architecture Walk, make a model of a building and help complete the existing plan of Parramatta; bring your model making skills and design and Make a Monument in honour of Parramatta through a person, object or event or participate in Then and Now, Drawing the Future - draw what you think Parramatta will look like in the future. Click here for bookings.

See separate entries on the SAF website for Parramatta activitites, download the flyer.


Free, no bookings


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