SAF12 Talk - Architectural Advocacy: The Design-Density Challenge

By Architecture Insights
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Nov. 1, 2012

6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Customs House Sydney, 31 Alfred St, Sydney

The Design-Density Challenge

How can we improve our cities? Does densification really work? And what has infrastructure got to do with it?

For a lively and outspoken take on these larger than life issues, come to the Architectural Advocacy Design and Density Challenge.

This event features a series of 5 minute spoken-visual advocacy presentations by competing teams of M.Arch. students from the UTS School of Architecture.

The presentations will be bookended by a brief talk by two prominent architects, themselves advocating on a particular position in relation to the city, design, density and infrastructure.

Following this, the award for the 2012 HASSELL Award for Architectural Advocacy will be announced. This Award aims to raise awareness of the importance of advocacy amongst students of architecture and to increase the contribution to the density and infrastructure agenda across Sydney.

Alongside the presentations will be an exhibition of bus-stop posters designed by the students as part of the Advocacy subject, featuring provocative visuals and ideas relating to the Design-Density topic.


Free, no bookings


Customs House Sydney