SAF14 - Delirious White Bay - Artistic Cultural Hub - UTS School of Architecture Masters Studio Exhibition

By ai

Nov. 7, 2014

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Riverside Theatre, Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta

NSW Government, aeria view of the Bays Precinct (viewed 1 September 2014)

‘Delirious White Bay’ exhibition, a display of work done by ten UTS Masters students in the Bays Precinct area comprising White Bay, Glebe Island, Power House, Rozelle Bay and Rozelle Rail Yards. The precinct, recently appointed by Urban Growth as an urban renewal project, is conceived as the place -both physically and intellectually- of where to explore new ways of living, focused on a diverse community with great quality, sustainability and livability principles, all encapsulated by the Campus of the Culture and Arts.

The exhibit will show how students will have manipulated a given mixed use medium-high density master plan to implement a campus catalyst bringing social, cultural and economic activation.  Cristina Aranzubia and Victor O.Alcami, registered architects by COAC and Urban Designers are leading the team’s work in one of the University of Technology of Sydney Architecture Masters Design Studios.

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