SAF14 - City Souvenirs Exhibition

By ai

Nov. 1, 2014

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Tusculum, 3 Manning Street, Potts Point

City Souvenirs Exhibition

City Souvenirs is a site-responsive visual arts project begun in 2009 by Nicole Seisler who is a full-time lecturer of Ceramics at the University of Washington in Seattle. The project uses walking, clay, and public participation to create tangible connections between people and place. Nicole fabricates custom tools for carrying blocks of wet porcelain on walks through various cities and neighbourhoods, and uses these blocks of clay to make impressions of signature architectural details that visually and culturally define each place. The walks are always participatory—sometimes lead as organized public events or other times popping up at random and engaging local pedestrians. By accumulating textures and impressions of urban hallmarks in clay, a collection of objects is built that evidences the relationship between individuals and their neighbourhoods, and how the distinct elements of our environment influence the ways in which we operate and move through a city. The clay acts as a conduit to heighten an individual’s sensation of touch and physical connection to their surroundings, and the resulting impressions become permanent ceramic records of the space between one’s hand and their urban environment. Installed in the gallery, these fired porcelain objects function as a map and archive of these experiences and the character of each particular place.

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