SAF14 - CineCity at SAF: Connections - A Short Film session

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Nov. 9, 2014

5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Paramount Pictures Building, 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

"Towards a New Sandwich" 2014 by Cottage Industries (A collaboration by Cristina Garduno Freeman, Antonia Fredman and Vicki Leibowitz)

A selection of short films presented by Sarah Breen Lovett and Louise Mackenzie from the Cinecity Architectural Film Project.

Curated especially for the 2014 Sydney Architecture Festival, 25 60-second films relating to the 2014 SAF theme, Urban Connections will be screened here at the Golden Age Cinema & Bar, as the festival finale. The screening will be introduced by the curators with a chance to talk with some of the filmmakers informally in the bar afterwards.

Join us in the intimate our intimate cinema in Surry Hills, inside the creative adaptation of the heritage Paramount Pictures Building by Fox Johnston Architects.



Cinecity Architectural Film Project was started as a series of workshops in 2009 by Louise Mackenzie, Romaine Logere, Russell Bywater, & Foo Chi Sung (Fooch) director from squint/opera/australia. Cinecity is now an international open architectural film competition where architects, filmmakers, artists and academics make un-edited 60 second films exploring architectural ideas.

Since 2011 Louise Mackenzie and Sarah Breen Lovett have been co-curators of Cinecity, where each year an open call-out for films is based on the Australian Institute of Architects National Conference theme.  From the films submitted, the curators shortlist 30 films and present these to a panel of esteemed local and international judges from a variety of different backgrounds, who select their first choices.

Together this curated program creates a record of a specific understanding of contemporary 'architectural film'.  The unique 60 second un-edited format for entries is forging a distinctive genre of architectural film, which not only has the imagery of architecture present as filmic content, but also considers the relationship of the filmmaker to the architecture, during the act of filming as part of the architectural film.  This continues a lineage of structural film, which foregrounds process, as just as important as the content of architectural imagery. Watching the Cinecity architectural films, are akin to contemplating a building or our relationship to architecture.  The qualities of architecture and human encounter with the built environment are foregrounded in Cinecity films.

This special Cinecity program has been curated for the 2014 Sydney Architecture Festival (SAF) from the entire catalogue of films submitted to the Cinecity Project over the past five years.  Some do follow the Cinecity brief for 2013 and 2014, however they do all address the 2014 SAF theme of “Connections - The Making of a Great City”.  These short films explore how people connect to the city through transport mediums, and sometimes the reverse.



Amanda Clarke, Anthony Magen, Baki Kocaballi & Yeliz Yorulmaz, Colin Priest, Cottage Industries, Eleanor Suess, Eva Marosy-Weide, Farzane Haghighi, Francis Matthews, Georgia Forbes & Lisha Corcoran, Johnny Long, Linda Matthews and Gavin Perin, Lindsay Sawyer, Lindy Fetherston, Marty Bignell & Andrew Steen, Matthew Hynam, Pete Gomes, Richard Goodwin, Sabine De Schutter, Susanne Chan, Ted Sonnenschein, Vernon Cheung, Vinchy Yi Wu & Volker Kuchelmeister. 

Featuring Judges Choice Films By:  Zaha Hadid, Francois Penz, Jane Rendell,  Bernard Tschumi,  Penelope Seidler, Geoffrey London, Richard Sowada, Shelley Penn, Emma Williamson & Eduardo Kairuz.


2014 NSW Architecture Award, Commendation (Heritage - Creative Adaptation) FOR Paramount Pictures Building by Fox Johnston            


An imaginative and sympathetic restoration and reorganisation of Paramount House, originally built in 1940, has carefully conserved a well-designed building for the city. Extending its urban presence, new insertions also strengthen an important contribution to the local street, unexpectedly complementing the collected office spaces and broad commercial condition.

To satisfy pragmatic access requirements the building’s circulation was reconfigured with a new generous opening proposed via a former unremarkable rear loading dock. Doubling the entrance and clearing a new central light court, eased pressure on the original restored entry stairwell and has allowed for a fresh, program driven, architectural reorientation. An excellent café, bike shop and gallery provide a new, vibrant, street presence. The building now invites public use. Also accessed via the glazed contemporary entrance, an intimate bar and small cinema both extend this range of facilities. The latter is housed in the original screening room, offering a tangible reminder of the building’s engaging historical use.

Paramount Studio’s commercial offices, promotion & distribution centre in Sydney, was originally designed by architects Herbert, Wilson & Prior. Restoration of this Art Deco building has been completed with a responsible but light touch. Respect has been shown for the materials, details and architectural priorities, together with, a lack of preciousness. An open-ended attitude, clearly supportive client and collaborative relationship between all parties are evident. Time and resources have architecturally located in this project, a careful balance of historical conservation aligned with a commercial, yet publicly minded, vital, contemporary adaptation.

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$30 pays for 25 short short films a welcome drink and popcorn.


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