Smart Blocks Launch Event

By Architecture Insights
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June 12, 2013

6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Aerial UTS Function Centre, Level 7, 235 Jones Street Sydney 2000

Smart Blocks Launch Event

If you own an apartment, you’re automatically a member of an owners’ corporation. You’ll probably be experiencing increasing costs for common property and amenities.

Chances are, a lot of those funds are going toward electricity. On average, residents of high-rise buildings use 25 per cent more energy per person than those living in detached dwellings. Up to half of this energy use comes from common property such as pools, car parks, and hallway lights.

If you’ve ever tried to introduce a new idea at an owners committee meeting, you’ll know you’re up against a few different personalities. But Smart Blocks is happy to be your energy-conserving sidekick. The national program helps apartment owners and their managers save money by improving energy efficiency in apartment buildings.

Through events and an online interactive toolkit, the program helps you discover what energy-efficiency improvements can be made to your building. The toolkit guides you through the steps of scoping a project and getting it approved. To discuss your ideas in person come to the launch and keep an eye out for events and workshops later in the year.

Smart Blocks was developed in partnership between Strata Community Australia, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne, Green Strata and Owners Corporation Network of Australia.

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