2011 Wilkinson Lecture: "Architecture is Rendered Society" by Andres Jaque

By Katarina Murray

Oct. 24, 2011

7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

New Law School Lecture Theatre 101, The University of Sydney

Sweet Parliament Home by Andres Jaque

The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes is proud to present the 2011 Wilkinson Lecture, "Architecture is Rendered Society" by Spanish Architect Andrés Jaque, held as part of the 2011 Sydney Architecture Festival in the New Law School at the University of Sydney.

About the lecture
Architecture has been practiced like a discipline called to educate and improve societies; and also to solve their problems. Architecture would be then a discipline devoted to the production of unity, consistence and coherence in contexts previously fragmented, fragile and contradictory.

From the perspective provided by post-foundational politics and Science and the Technology Studies (STS), architectural practices and technologies can be seen through like the process form which a social construction could be reconstructed to represent the actors composing it. From this second perspective, architecture would help equipping with a constitution to networks containing -before and after- disputes, diversity and discontinuities.

That is basically what Andrés Jaque Architects has been exploring in with projects like Techno-Geisha, House in Never Never Land (Ibiza), TUPPER HOME (Madrid), SWEET PARLIAMENT HOME (Gwangju) and Rolling House in the Rolling Society (Barcelona).

About the Speaker
Perhaps Spain's best architect at the moment, Andrés Jacque's commitment and the clarity of the link between his discourse and his work make him a unique personality.

Andrés Jaque directs the firm Andrés Jaque Arquitectos and its associated tiny lab Office for Political Innovation, both engaged in exploring the role architecture plays in the making of societies. The two offices manage the seal of political quality Parliament Architecture and claim architecture to be technologically rendered society. The office was distinguished with the Dionisio Hernández Gil Prize for the Casa Sacerdotal Diocesana de Plasencia, Teddy House received the Grande Area Award. The office has also been finalist of the European Award Mies van der Rohe with the Tupper Home. Tupper Home and Casa Sacerdotal Diocesana de Plasencia have also been finalist of the Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Prize.

Andrés Jaque has been Tessenow Stipendiat 1998 in Hamburg, visiting teacher in a number of international universities and has lectured extensively throughout the world including ETH in Zurich, Istituto Politecnico in Milan, the CIVA in Brussels, the Sociedad Central de Arquitectos in Buenos Aires, Berlage Institut in Rotterdam and the Museo Nacional in Bogota.


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