SAW Bike Tour: Five Suburb Sydney Derive

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Jan. 12, 2014

9:30 a.m. - 2:30 a.m.

courtyard, Bonza Bikes, 30 Harrington Street The Rocks 2000

SAW Bike Tour

For decades, the suburbs immediately south and west of the city like Surry Hills, Redfern and Chippendale were a cultural no-mans land associated with pestilence, poverty and crime. In recent years, this part of Sydney has experienced a resurgance in popularity with a steady influx of young creatives and a thriving contemporary art, architecture and design scene. Sure enough, the money followed.

Sticking to bike paths, back lanes and quiet streets, the route and conversation will be structured around a number of contemporary projects, contested sites and politically charged themes. We will look at enormous development sites like Barangaroo and Centra Park but also study single family houses, swimming pools, multi-unit housing, social housing, a library and the winner of the WAF2011 Best House in the World!

This is no touristic join-the-dots of familiar places. Its an exploration of a very different side of Sydney. An insiders tour with a two-wheeled architectural twist.


Adult: $90, Children: $80, Senior: $90, +$30 with bike hire (if req)


Sydney Architecture Walks, Eoghan Lewis