'Third Space' UNSW Interior Architecture Grad Exhibition

By ai

Nov. 25, 2013 - Nov. 29, 2013

High St , Kensington , NSW, 2052, Australia

'Third Space'

The University of New South Wales’ Built Environment Faculty is set to host its annual multidisciplinary exhibition at the Red Centre, UNSW.

The exhibition’s identity of “THIRD SPACE” was born from the objective of the graduating project to re-purpose one of Sydney’s iconic buildings, the Bondi Pavilion, into a space that collectively represents a community as well as fosters strong community ties.

A third space can be defined as a space that compliments the first space (home) and the second space (work) – it is the incidental spaces within the public realm where social and cultural hierarchies are broken down and interactions occur in an involuntary, surprising and uplifting way. These spaces form the foundation of a community’s identity and are the platforms in which healthy community ties are formed and nurtured.

The culminating Interior Architecture exhibition itself will become a temporary third space. A platform on which interactions and conversations of a creative nature can happen and “happily anticipated gatherings” will take place. 

The BIA program is a multifaceted degree that develops strong design skills through active learning and participation in one of the finest creative environments. A diverse program that nurtures ones design ability. It focuses on the design of interior spaces and all aspects of their structural, spatial, social and material assembly. This years graduation project is on the Bondi Pavilion and transforming it into a new vibrant civic typology, which benefits the Bondi and wider community. This large scale project allows students to create a proposition that is creative and innovative.





The University of New South Wales