UTS Architecture Public Lecture: Architect as Artisan and World Citizen, by Steve Badanes


March 21, 2012

6 p.m.

702-730 Harris St, Broadway NSW 2007

Image: Fremont Troll/construction image/Jersey Devil. Copyright, all rights reserved

Steve Badanes will be presenting the public lecture:


The lecture will highlight stories and images from 40 years of design/build — with the nomadic Jersey Devil group, and in collaboration with students in underserved communities around the world.

Steve Badanes is a co-founder of Jersey Devil, a group of architects, artists, and inventors, committed to the interdependence of design and construction. Jersey Devil builds all their own work, which shows a concern for craft and detail, innovative use of materials, and a strong environmental consciousness.

The work has been the subject of two monographs: the Jersey Devil Design/Build Book and Devil’s Workshop–25 Years of Jersey Devil Architecture. Badanes has lectured on design/build at over 100 universities & a dozen countries.

At University of Washington, Badanes holds the Howard S. Wright Endowed Chair and directs the Neighborhood Design/Build Studio, which builds small public projects for Seattle area non-profits. He has led design/build studios throughout the US and in Canada, Cuba, Finland, Ghana, India, and Mexico.

Badanes has been awarded the Solar Pioneer Award from the American Solar Energy Society, Education Awards from the AIA, and a Weird Home Award from the National Enquirer.

This will be held at 6pm start for drinks on Wednesday, 21st March 2012 , Level 5, UTS School of Architecture (located directly behind the lifts), Faculty of DAB (Building 6), 702 – 730 Harris St, Broadway 2007

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