UTS Architecture Public Lecture - Practice Transformations, Gerard Reinmuth


March 9, 2011

6 p.m.

702-730 Harris St, Broadway 2007

Photograph by Gerard Reinmuth/Terroir. Copyright, all rights reserved.

Gerard Reinmuth will be presenting the public lecture.

'Practice Transformations'

After a decade as a Director of one of Australia’s leading young architectural practices, Gerard Reinmuth has accepted a role as the inaugural Professor of Practice at UTS, where he has been Adjunct Professor since 2005.

TERROIR have always practiced architecture as a broad intellectual and cultural activity, whereby the knowledge built up on a range of activities, exhibitions, lectures, writings and other forms of engagement with the discipline has been deployed in a suite of buildings. This has resulted in a suite of buildings nearly all of which have been published in Australia and internationally.

This new role at UTS will see the deployment of Gerard’s focus in the potential of architectural practice in an academic environment, providing the opportunity to work through important questions faced by the profession in the complex globalised environment in which we now operate. In addition to teaching the next generation of practitioners, Gerard will be involved in a number of research projects and will be engaged with both professional and political bodies in an effort to reposition the role of architects in the making of the city.

This lecture will provide an overview of Gerard’s work over the past decade and how it will inform this new role.

This will be held 6pm, Wednesday 9th March 2011, level 5 Architecture Studios Building 6, UTS City Campus

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