Time for Drawing

By Katarina Murray

Aug. 3, 2012 - Aug. 5, 2012

Riversdale Boyd Education Centre, Bundanon, NSW

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This drawing weekend is an opportunity to live and draw in the dramatic landscape of Riversdale while supported by Glenn Murcutt’s architecture. We will draw inspiration on what is around us. The gentle placement of the building and the way it embodies the principles of sustainable design will become our ‘life model’. Living on site and early morning movement sessions will relax our bodies, engage our senses and deepen the kinetic experience of the site.

We will be practicing the art of Seeing Through Drawing. This practice is useful for beginners as well as experienced artists. Drawing and sketching allows us to spend time, to get in touch with what we are looking at. Through drawing we can start to see and understand what we are seeing. The building reveals itself in the process.

We have all been drawing long before we have learned to read and write. Drawing helps to communicate without words, to visualize ideas, to think, it connects us with our creativity. It is a fundamental human skill, yet it is often neglected and we forget how liberating, easy and pleasurable it can be.

This workshop will attract 5 formal CPD points for architects.

Rena is a practicing architect who teaches design and drawing at the Architecture Faculty of Sydney University and conducts popular weekend drawing workshops. Her teaching method called Embodying Vision integrates sketching mindfulness and movement.


$600 ($520 students) Early bird rate $650 ($570 students) After earlybird • Earlybird 8th June 2012


Rena Czaplinska
0409 967 411