Zen of Design

By Gudhara Holistic Sancturay Inc.
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Nov. 10, 2012 - Nov. 11, 2012

9:30 a.m. - 2 a.m.

Southern Highlands NSW

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Applying the Design Principles of Zen in Contemporary Architecture Practice
CPD Workshop - 10 Formal Hours for Registered Architects!

In this weekend workshop you will learn the fundamental theory and practice of Zen as applied to building design.

Zen design has its roots in Buddhist, Tao and Shinto traditions with influences also from Hinduism. It has been the philosophical and stylistic foundation of significant eastern architecture for thousands of years. However in the last 100 years it has informed the Minimalist, De Stijl, Abstract and other movements in creating a significant influence in their design language. Zen's impact on contemporary architecture varies across the planet as a conscious and sub-conscious expression.

Architects such as I M Pei and Tadao Ando have no doubt been touched by Zen and have reinterpreted its basics tenants in a variety of buildings. However much of contemporary 'Zen' while paring back design to its essence, has lost its poetry and emotional content in the process. This workshop aims to connect you the designer with the human centred process to embrace the beauty of all things unconventional.

During this weekend you will learn about Zen in the following areas:
- its historical and cultural context
- examination of what is and what appears to be Zen
- study contemporary examples
- how it embraces Fung Shui and Vastu Shastra
- its conscious and subconscious impact
- selection of appropriate materials and finishes

The weekend will include both individual and collaborative design exercises to put the
theory into practice. It will also focus on applying Zen design ideas to projects that you are working on now and in the future.

Workshop Outcomes:
1. Acquire new design tools to re-inspire your creative process as an architect
2. Gain greater understanding of client needs from other cultures
3. Opportunity to discuss design and exchange ideas with other architects

Anthony Ashworth BA Design Int.(UTS/SCA) is an international presenter and lecturer on Zen Design, Sacred Geometry and Eastern Design Practices and provides a consultancy service for Architects and in-house training for Architectural firms. He regularly lectures in design at the Architecture, Building and Design Faculty at University of Technology Sydney. Anthony is director of Chrysalis Dwelling a holistic design practice incorporating Fung Shui and Vastu Shastra in a variety of residential and commercial projects. He has for many years, studied in different countries and with different teachers within the ancient traditions in order to understand the key concepts of what humanity may need to nurture itself within space and place. He feels that we need to better understand the core archetypal principles of space and place in buildings to enrich and enliven them beyond aesthetics and function. Anthony believes this to be paramount in addressing the full spectrum of human needs.

Registration and inclusions:
The workshop will commence 9.30am Saturday 10th November and conclude 2pm Sunday 11th November and will be located in the beautiful bushland retreat centre in the Southern Highlands, NSW.

Accommodation is in twin share rooms or single rooms with ensuite. Meals are delicious organic
vegetarian cuisine with morning and afternoon teas included. For more details click here.

More detailed information on what to bring and directions will be provided on registration.


Starting from $245


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