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Architecture Insights Christmas Reading List

Christmas is the ideal time to catch up on some reading. So we've prepared the inaugural Architecture Insights Christmas Reading List. We're sure you'll get your fix of fiction through Christmas presents and the pile of novels sitting by your bedside all year. So this list is intended to keep you sharp and give you the advantage in 2015.


The Vision of the Danish Design 2020 Committee

What does a design policy look like for a country, or state? Denmark is one of those successful global economies that, while small, continue to prove resilient and innovative as it develops products and services that people want. What would a design vision for NSW look like for 2020 or beyond?


Compendium for the Civic Economy

What is the economics of localism - local community-level revitalisation? What does innovation in the city really mean? Not just the brick and buildings, but the soft innovation of how we work together. The Compendium for the Civic Economy is about 25 case studies on an emerging socially networked economy.


How to implement Open Innovation

How might open innovation apply to architects, those who engage them, and to accessing the knowledge and research in our universities in practice?


A Plan for Growing Sydney

All cities need to plan for their future. Sydney's no different. Except that Sydney's growth is likely to outpace ost of Australia's mainland capital cities in coming years. So where is it right to grow, and why? In December, the NSW Government launched A Plan for Growing Sydney.


Let's get #architecture trending slideshow

For World Architecture Day this year, we asked some prominent Sydneysiders to help us celebrate the value and diversity of architecture in words and pictures ...


Let's get #architecture trending

Sydney is the first global city to wake up to World Architecture Day on Monday, 6 October. But we're not alone. We think we can start a global campaign to get #architecture trending. Some Sydney identities have given us a kick start.... Please download the attached PDF for more information.

Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship

de-Relics: Architectures of Industrialisation

This project looked at six industrial port cities across northern Europe in order to better understand the relationship between industrialisation and urban space. The cities that were investigated were Sheffield, Stockholm, Gdansk, Riga, Odessa and Vladivostok.