Architecture Insights Christmas Reading List

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Christmas is the ideal time to catch up on some reading. So we've prepared the inaugural Architecture Insights Christmas Reading List. We're sure you'll get your fix of fiction through Christmas presents and the pile of novels sitting by your bedside all year. So this list is intended to keep you sharp and give you the advantage in 2015. 

And the best part - we've provided all the links you'll need to take with you inflight, on the beach or the verandah. No purchases needed. Just click on the titles below - we've taken care of the rest.

Architecture Insights Christmas Reading List

1. Compendium for the Civic Economy

This hopeful, practical work by NESTA and 00:/ includes case studies on the new 'civic economy' emerging. These simple, beautifully illustrated, measured and presented exemplars show the shifting shape of social enterprise and demonstrates how civic entrepreneurship can turn ideas into action and impact.


2. Pivot Dublin - when design takes over a city

What’s behind a bid for status as a World Design Capital? Dublin may not have won its bid for the 2014 title, but it’s design-led program PIVOT Dublin has matured in to a collaborative involving architects, policy makers and civic leaders, educators, designers and others. 
What would it take for Sydney to mount a bid, and bring together a broad collaboration like this?


3. Vision for Danish Design 2020

What does a design policy look like for a country, or state? Denmark is one of those successful global economies that, while small, continues to prove resilient and innovative as it develops products and services that people want.

This great piece on the value and impact of design was developed by a committee of just six. Who's up for it in 2015? 

4. How to implement open innovation

Open innovation is a means by which organizations allow knowledge to flow across their boundaries to boost their own capability to innovate. So what lessons are there in open innovation for design and those in the built environment like architects, planners and engineers, and those who engage them? And how can we truly tap into the knowledge and research in our universities?

5. A Plan for Growing Sydney 

All cities need to plan for their future. Sydney's no different. Except that Sydney's growth is likely to outpace most of Australia's mainland capital cities in coming years. So where is it right to grow, and why? In December, the NSW Government launched A Plan for Growing Sydney.

You won't be allowed out in 2015 without having read this one.


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