Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarships 60th Anniversary

By NSW Architects Registration Board
Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship

BHTS 60th Anniversary

2011 celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the scholarship first being awarded. Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarships enable recipients to undertake a course of study, research or other activity approved by the Board which facilitates "the promotion and encouragement of the education of students of and/or graduates in architecture". The scholarship programme must involve travel which may be overseas or within Australia.

The list of scholarship holders includes many architects who have gone on to contribute enormously to the profession and the broader community, State and National award-winning architects, NSW Chapter and National Presidents of the Australian Institute of Architects and NSW Government Architects.


Byera Hadley
Byera Hadley (1872-1937), was an architect and educator. He began his academic career as a part-time teacher in architectural drawing at the (then) Sydney Technical College in 1895 and in 1914 was appointed as Lecturer-in-Charge at the College’s Department of Architecture. Under his guidance the College became acknowledged as one of the finest schools of architecture in the British Empire.

Byera Hadley’s career as an architect has received much less attention than his bequest. The architectural press of the era illustrates that he did very little self-promotion, preferring to remain in sole practice as "B. Hadley, Architect". In a jostling field of talented Sydney Technical College–trained architects, Hadley was an early 20th century historicist architect who drew on the pattern books for a wide range of revival styles for his urban and suburban commissions. His buildings include: two town halls; a number of multi-storey city warehouses; a number of significant suburban churches; and Sydney University’s original Wesley College and chapel and the Leigh College building. Hadley’s work was competent, contemporary and, in his residential Arts and Crafts style, occasionally playful. It has failed, however, to draw the accolades of his profession. Byera Hadley’s significance to the profession lies in his foresight in the establishment of the Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarships Fund.


The BHTS Fund
Byera Hadley made provision in his will for a bequest to enable young architects who were graduates from a school in NSW to travel overseas in order to broaden their experience in architecture, with a view to advancing the art and science of architecture on their return to Australia. The funds for the scholarship began with the proceeds of the sale of Hadley’s estate – an amount of ten thousand pounds. Upon the death of his wife, the estate was finalised, the Permanent Trustee Company Limited was appointed as Trustees for funds, and the Board of Architects of New South Wales was nominated administrator for the scholarships.

Over the past 60 years more than $1M has been awarded to over 140 recipients, many of whom are now leading architects and architectural educators. The first scholarship of £400 was awarded to Harold Bryce Mortlock to travel in Europe where he studied Monumentality and Modern Architecture. The total pool of funds available each year based on interest earned for that year are now managed by The Trust Company. The NSW Architects Registration Board decides how the funds are distributed to recipients.

19 different themes have been explored amongst BHTS recipients. The most common theme is Urban Design and Urbanism (13%), the first report in this category appearing in 1968 and the most recent in 2010. The subject matter ranges from Urban Waterfront Renewal to various master planning studies including that of French Hanoi and more recently Paris. Other common themes are Urban Residential Development (10%), Architecture of Other Places (9%), Post Graduate Study Education and Sustainable Design and Environment (both at 8%).