Compendium for the Civic Economy


The publications’ author - NESTA, with  - writes that against the context of rapid economic, social and environmental change, a collective reflection is taking place on how to build more sustainable routes to shared prosperity. In the meantime, an increasing number and wide range of change-makers are already finding ways to imagine and grow a different economy in our cities, towns, neighbourhoods and villages. This book presents 25 case studies of this civic economy - the remarkable achievements of these 25 trailblazers show why we need to get better at understanding and recognising the role of civic entrepreneurship and enable it to turn ideas into action and impact.

What is the economics of localism - local community-level revitalisation? What does innovation in the city really mean? Not just the brick and buildings, but the soft innovation of how we work together. 

Check out more from the video of the launch in London.