By Michael Ford

living parasite 01, photograph by Michael Ford. Copyright, all rights reserved.

comment(s) / image(s) / video(s) / representation(s) - produced by Michael Ford.

As a recipient of the Byera Hadley Traveling Scholarship for Students, I will be traveling to Venice from 18.08.12 to 04.09.12. During my time in Venice I will be posting various comments, images, videos and diagrammatic representations of my experience at the Biennale. Included in these posts will be documentation of the 'bump-in' period of the Australian Exhibition - Formations, for the 13th Venice International Architecture Biennale.

A focus will be placed on how the theme 'Common Ground' is represented in each countries exhibition at the Biennale, along with an investigation into environmental sustainability and its manifestation in current international architecture.