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The Timber Development Association is offering a selection of in-house presentations to inspire building professionals in the use of timber for residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

The presentations are available to architects, engineers, developers, building and interior designers and other design and building professionals. They are conducted by experienced advisers and are available at no cost.

The presentations are sponsored by WoodSolutions -- the forest and wood product industry's information channel to design and building professionals.

Where and when?

Our staff come to you at a time to suit you. Morning, lunch, afternoon or evening sessions can be booked.

How long are the presentations?

Presentations are designed to be delivered over 45 -60 minutes (including questions) though shorter presentations can be made depending on your needs. Multiple presentations can also be booked.

Are you eligible?

A minimum number of attendees are required which varies depending on location and the duration of the presentations. Contact us to discuss with you your situation.

CPD points

CPD hours or points may be earned by attending a presentation. Attendance certificates will be available on request.

Presentations Topics

  • Inspirational Projects
  • Wood Finishes and Coatings
  • Wood Basics: Terminology, Properties & Specification
  • Design for Durability
  • Fire Safety and Performance of Wood in Multi-Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Using Wood in Bushfire Prone Areas
  • Lightweight Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort / BASIX
  • Maximising Green Star Points with Wood Products
  • Wood as a Resource
  • Wood and Sustainable Building
  • Combined, Multiple or Shorter Presentations -- Talk to us!


Inspirational Projects

Participants will be inspired by a range of international and local projects including winners of the Australian Wood Design Awards. Projects will incorporate residential, commercial and institutional projects and feature indoor applications, such as kitchens and bathrooms, bedrooms ceilings and wall linings, flooring and stairs, as well as external applications, such as decking, cladding, landscaping and privacy screens. The presentation will be a snap-shot of the best in wood design.

Wood Finishes and Coatings

This presentation provides guidance on coatings used for interior and exterior wood surfaces to enhance the appearance and/or the natural durability of the material. The selection of the correct coating product is essential to maintain visual appeal and also for the ongoing performance of the wood. Each wood species has particular characteristics that can effect the application of certain products, and, it is important to know a little about the wood being coated and make reference to the various manufacturers' product literature for specific recommendations.

Wood Basics: Terminology, Properties & Specification

Is specifying wood like a foreign language? Then this presentation is for you. Participants in this presentation will receive an overview of wood terminology, applications of wood materials, production of wood, characteristics of wood and relationship with properties, grading, durability, specification and handling as well as an overview of manufactured wood products such as laminated veneer lumber (LVL).

Design for Durability

This presentation, which includes termite management techniques, will help improve the specification and design performance of wood in construction. The presentation uses structural engineering criteria, years of experience and field trials and predictive modelling to provide guidance on methods to increase the service life of woods used in Australia. It includes consideration of natural variation between wood species, the effectiveness of wood preservative treatments and climatic conditions.

Fire Safety and Performance of Wood in Multi-Residential and Commercial Buildings

This presentation demonstrates how the fire performance requirements in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for Class 1a, Class 2, 3 & 9c as well as Class 5, 6 9a & 9b buildings can be met. In this context, the presentation provides verified construction details that utilise the BCA's deemed-to-satisfy provisions.

Using Wood in Bushfire Prone Areas

Participants will receive an understanding of how and which wood products can be used in the various bushfire prone areas hazard levels and building applications. The presentation brings together the requirements of the Australian Standard AS3959 and NSW RFS Planning for Bushfire Protection requirements.

Lightweight Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort / BASIX

The presentation addresses the thermal comfort requirements of the NSW Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) and how lightweight wood-based construction systems can be readily used to meet these requirements. Emphasis is placed on simple techniques to insulate walls, roofs and sub-floor areas of suspended floors for new construction as well as alterations and additions. The presentation will highlight cost effective design and building details, ventilation issues and smart use of thermal mass.

Maximising Green Star Ratings with Wood

The presentation will focus on the different methods of gaining Green Star credits using wood and wood products. Topics of interest include chain of custody and forestry management certification schemes, indoor environment quality issues for composite wood products, waste management and innovation. Guidance is given on the best ways of specifying and obtaining appropriate documentation for timber and wood products in order to obtain credits.

Wood as a Resource

If you would like to know more about the different schemes in place to ensure wood is derived from an appropriate source and where our wood comes from then this presentation is for you. The key forest management certification schemes, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and those endorsed by Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), such as the Australian Forestry Certification Scheme (AFCS) and the associated chain-of-custody, will be simply explained. Where wood and other wood products come from will be discussed as will how to reduce the risk of purchasing wood products that may be from illegally logged sources.

Wood and Sustainable Building

This presentation looks at how wood construction can contribute to a sustainable building. Using scientifically-based life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology, this session demonstrates why wood products are better for the environment than other materials in terms of indicators such as global warming potential and resource depletion. LCA is becoming the world standard for evaluating the sustainability of materials and assemblies and improving environmentally based decision-making. This presentation examines why wood from well- managed forests and plantations is a good choice when it comes to climate change.

Combined Presentations

If you would like to combine one of the presentations above or you have another topic in mind, please get in touch.

New topics

We are always keen to hear about innovative ideas or new topics that relate to wood and wood products. Share your ideas with us!

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Background to WoodSolutions

WoodSolutions is an industry initiative designed to provide information on timber and wood products to professionals and companies involved in building design and construction.

Resourced by Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA), WoodSolutions is a collaborative effort between FWPA members and forest and wood products levy payers and is supported by timber industry peak bodies and technical associations.