Outside the Square: A Byera Hadley Blog

By Duncan Corrigall
Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship

Times Square, photograph by Duncan Corrigall.

This blog offers a snapshot of the ongoing progress of the project 'Outside the Square', a Byera Hadley study. The project argues for a particular public space typology: the city square. It asserts that the benefits of the typology extend well past the periphery, encouraging activity and offering an identity for the greater neighbourhood.

The study fits within a recent interest in the typology published by the City of Sydney Council in their 2030 Sustainable Sydney Masterplan. The CoS has identified three locations for urban squares to be established in Sydney, the most ambitious of which will require the demolition of half a city block. This will follow from the renovation of several parks and an extensive revitalisation of the city’s laneways currently underway. Right now there are few precedents to draw on in Sydney - Martin Place is regarded as more of a thoroughfare, and Sydney Square is barely used despite its central location.

The website is a repository for the relevant articles, musings and imagery that are influencing the study, as well as travel notes and photographs. These should provide the reader with an overview of current examples of the typology, and an insight into the debate about its ongoing relevance to modern cities.