Pop-up Greenhouse by Joost

By ABC By Design

Greenhouse by Joost

At Sydney's Circular Quay, sitting opposite the Opera House, a rather interesting temporary restaurant has popped up right on the foreshore of Sydney's historic harbour. This 120-seat restaurant is called Greenhouse by Joost -- and is a eulogy to all things sustainable: from all the food served, to the building itself. This is the third pop-up so far in a series of Greenhouses by Joost. The first was in Melbourne's Federation Square in 2010, and there is a permanent one in Perth. More temporary ones are planned for Berlin and London in 2011.

The Sydney structure is made from steel with straw bales for insulation. Re-cycled shipping containers hold the kitchen and toilets. A generator uses the re-cycled kitchen oil, while on the rooftop a herb garden has been installed to grow herbs for the restaurant. The rooftop can also be used as a bar. The restaurant is run by young chef Matt Stone and supported by many, including chef Neil Perry. It will be in Sydney till 28 March.

23 February 2011


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