Japan Architecture Tours Blog

By Robert Day

Japan Architecture Tours Blog

Architect Robert Day conducts guided architecture tours of Japan. Visit the Japan Architecture Tours blog to find out that latest about his next tour in October 2010 and to view comments about previous tours. 


Robert used to live and work in Japan and has an extensive knowledge of Japan and it’s unique architecture. This knowledge has enabled Robert to offer guided architecture tours of Japan twice yearly since April 2008.


Robert’s Japan Architecture Tours are not like the average architecture tour simply looking at buildings. He offers the opportunity to meet with Japanese architects, tour Japanese houses under construction, see architecture and art exhibitions, visit famous historic Japanese buildings and to see some of the finest examples of contemporary architecture in the world.

The Tours are a unique cultural experiences as well, with the opportunity to meet with Japanese locals over dinner, to participate in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and to visit places that the average tourist would not usually find.


Visit the Robert Day Architects Blog for details about his next Japan Architecture Tour and comments about previous tours.

Blog Website: http://japanarchitecturetours.wordpress.com/

Tours Website: http://www.japanarchitecturetours.com/

Email: robert@rdayarch.com.au