Let's get #architecture trending

By ai

Let's get #architecture trending

Sydney may be the first global city to wake up to World Architecture Day on Monday, 6 October. But we're not alone on this planet - an idea that led to the first World Architecture Day in 2005 as a way to remind us of our responsiblity for the future of the human habitat.

So we're asking - can we get architecture trending around the world?

We've asked some prominent Sydneysiders to help us celebrate the value and diversity of architecture in words and pictures. We asked - what do you think architecture is, should be or could be?

We'll reveal the result of this collaboration on Monday, 6 October.

Help us build interest by uploading your own sketch, thought bubble, quote or wit on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #WAD14 and #SAF14. Why #SAF14? Because World Architecture Day marks the count down to the launch of the Sydney Architecture Festival 1-10 November. 

You might draw your favourite building, or corner of your house. You might scan a doodle from your sketch book or lecture notes!

Upload it on your company's or your own site and help build a tapestry of what architecture is to people around the world on this World Architecture Day.

Architecture is a visual thing. So let's use a visual platform like social media to see if we can start a 'mexican wave' around the world to get architecture trending.